Kemenristekdikti Bidikmisi Scholarship 2019 for S1, D3, D2, D1, Profession

This is an opportunity for high school / vocational / MA / equivalent graduates who have limited economics to continue their education to college. The 2018 Kemenristekdikti Bidikmisi Scholarship was reopened. Applicants can apply for the 2019 Bidikmisi Scholarship to study at state universities (PTN) and private universities (PTS) in the country.

Bidikmisi is an educational funding assistance in the form of tuition fee exemption, which includes the exemption from the registration fee for SNMPTN and SBMPTN admission as well as other selections determined by each committee and university, then reimbursement of the first arrival fee for Bidikmisi recipients, as well as tuition fees paid to College.

In addition, Bidikmisi also subsidizes living expenses for selected recipients. The amount of subsidy for living costs is 750 usd per month. Whereas the tuition fee waiver covers all fees paid to Higher Education for educational purposes.

The target is applicants from economically disadvantaged families but have good academic potential. This scholarship is provided by the government through the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education every year. The previous year there were 90 thousand quota of Bidikmisi Scholarships provided. In 2019, the Bidikmisi Scholarship quota rose to 130 thousand. This number certainly gives more opportunities for those of you who want to continue their studies in college but have economic limitations.

Bidikmisi scholarships are given since students are designated as recipients of Bidikmisi in college. For S1 or Diploma IV scholarships are given up to 8 semesters, D3 is a maximum of 6 semesters, D2 is a maximum of 4 semesters, and D1 is a maximum of 2 semesters. In addition, scholarships for professional programs are also provided, including doctors with a maximum of 4 semesters, a dentist with a maximum of 4 semesters, a veterinarian with a maximum of 4 semesters, as well as nurses and pharmacists up to 4 semesters.


1. High school / vocational / MA students or other equivalent forms who will graduate in 2019, have valid NISN and NPSN identities in PDSPK.

2. Graduates in 2018 who are not recipients of Bidikmisi and do not conflict with the provisions for acceptance of new students in each college;

3. The highest age at the time of registration is 21 years;

4. Not economically capable of criteria:

5. Parent / Guardian education as high as S1 (Strata 1) or Diploma 4;

6. Has academic potential both based on objective and accurate recommendations from the Principal;

7. Registrants are facilitated to choose one among PTNs or PTS with the provisions:

   a. PTN with entry selection options:

      1) State Higher Education Entrance Selection (SNMPTN);

      2) Joint Selection to Enter State Universities (SBMTPN);

      3) Independent selection of PTN.

      4) Polytechnic, UT, and Institute of Arts and Culture

      5) PTS in accordance with the selection selection option.

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Bidikmisi quota is for students who pass SNMPTN, SBMPTN, Independent PTN Selection, Selection in Polytechnic, UT, ISI, and selection in PTS.


Submission of 2019 Bidikmisi Scholarships is done online by registering on the Bidikmisi website:

Stages of Bidikmisi registration:

1. For students:

   a. KIP recipients can register directly on the LTMPT or Bidikmisi pages.

   b. Not KIP recipients register for school to be recommended

2. For schools:

   a. Already have a School Access Code directly recommending each student through the Bidikmisi page using a combination of NPSN and NISN

   b. Not having a School Access Code registering as an institution providing recommendations to the Bidikmisi page by attaching a scan (Attachment 1 of the approval and signature section). Directorate General of Belmawa Kemenristekdikti verifies school registration and issues School Access Code (1 x 24 hours on working days and hours)

3. The school provides the registration number and access code for students who have been recommended.

4. Students register through the Bidikmisi page and complete all stages in the registration system.

5. For prospective recipients of Bidikmisi students who have been declared accepted at Higher Education, further verification and determination of the eligibility of students receiving Bidikmisi by higher education will be carried out by considering supporting documents.


For prospective recipients of Bidikmisi students who have been declared accepted at Higher Education, the following things will be done:

1. Verification of eligibility of recipients of Bidikmisi by universities and Kopertis

2. Determination of students receiving Bidikmisi by universities and Kopertis.

Bidikmisi 2019 Scholarship Registration is open from 31 January to 30 September 2019. Information can be sent via email:

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